From Genesis to Revelation
Exciting things are happening at Westridge!  The 4th, 5th, and 6th grade class is about to begin a Journey Through the Bible.  We’ll be reading from Genesis to Revelation and digging deep into the scripture by looking at archaeology, scientific proof, and culture and foods of the day, with crafts, activities, and acting out scenes in costume to cement the stories into our minds.


The classroom has been redone to give the ambience of bible lands from the moment you step through the door.  This is total immersion into the time and place of bible characters to make it as real as we possibly can in 2018 in Pocahontas, Arkansas.
As we study each book of the Bible, students will add another card to their ring (66 in all).  These cards tell the basic ideas in each book, how it pertains to their lives, and what key points and stories are contained within that book.  They can be used as a quick reference to help with study later on. 


We’ll be adding to the Journey Through the Bible notebooks with useful and interesting information to bring the stories to life.  And at the end of the course, students will receive a beautiful bible that they’ll be proud to use for years.

Check back periodically to see what we’re learning.

December 04, 2017
Our journey began this past Sunday with a small, but enthusiastic group of children.  Miss Edie and Miss Karen, who dressed as women from the bible, were eager to teach, share, and encourage.  In our excitement about the day we forgot to take pictures, but this morning, thanks to a very generous couple from Westridge, we have a new addition to our classroom:  A brand new Smart TV that we can view videos, maps and images, and other visuals on to enhance the learning experience.
We are excited, blessed, and thrilled.  This will be an exciting journey!